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Procurement, stands out as one of the key elements behind a successful construction project… 

Beyond the simple definition of buying goods and services; procurement has a significant impact on the outcome of any contract. According to the TCIO Industry Report, 87% of professionals from the construction industry believe good procurement is synonymous with a successful project.  In fact, 56% cited that the procurement method directly contributed to the project overrunning in terms of cost. 

Contractors are starting to realise the importance of procurement as they need to optimize design specifications, material resources and alternative products while meeting delivery schedules of key items.

Impetus International Ltd. endeavours to deliver added value in this respect.

The main objective of our ‘Procurement Solutions for Construction’ services is to maximise the value of a construction project for all the parties involved. 

We aim to deliver:

• Lower costs for the products purchased
• Improve response time of the suppliers
• Encourage sustainability and innovation in the supply process
• Improve communication and collaboration with the suppliers
• Decrease risks by supply-demand matching
• Improve communication in terms of key policies and project objectives

Last but not least, we strive to provide overall economies of scale.

Our expertise in the road construction industry allows us to focus on the supply-chains of: 

• Structural steel
• Earth moving equipment
• Power generators
• Lighting towers
• Highway safety barriers


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